Mystery boxes

Get your keys for deposits on each day of week! Up to 9 keys total every day! Make a deposit and win Free Spins and Cash prizes!

Make a deposit - receive your key!

30-74 AUD

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75-229 AUD

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230+ AUD

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Claiming your bonus in 4 easy steps:

  • Choose one of the mystery boxes
  • Make the appropriate deposit amount
  • Choose which box to open
  • Receive your mystery bonus

Terms & Conditions

1) The promo campaign is available to the players who have made 1+ deposits.

2) There are three types of bonuses: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

3) To get a Bronze bonus, make a deposit of 30 AUD to 74 AUD.
To get a Silver bonus, make a deposit of 75 AUD to 229 AUD.
To get a Gold bonus, make a deposit of 230+ AUD.

4) Promotion is available every day.

5) The available amount of bonuses a day: Bronze - 3, Silver - 3, Gold - 3.

6) For each deposit, the player gets to open a box that gives them a random prize.

7) You receive an attempt to open a box immediately after a successful deposit.

8) The random prize — Bronze, Silver or Gold — depends on the deposit amount:
The Bronze random prizes are: 10 FS, 15 FS, 20 FS, 5 AUD, 15 AUD, 20 AUD, 30 AUD, 150 AUD, 1500 AUD.
The Silver random prizes are: 110 FS, 20 FS, 30 FS, 15 AUD, 20 AUD, 30 AUD, 75 AUD, 450 AUD, 4500 AUD.
The Gold random prizes are: 20 FS, 50 FS, 100 FS, 25 AUD, 40 AUD, 75 AUD, 150 AUD, 1500 AUD, 15000 AUD.

9) The wagering requirements are: FS — x40, money — x3.

10) The time limit for wagering all promo bonuses is 14 days.

11) Woocasino has the right to end the promo campaign at any time.

12) General Terms and Conditions apply.

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